Posted by: gtcounseling | February 22, 2010

Ask The Counselor

Dear Readers,
Welcome to my Interactive! page. I am happy to report that we are back online with a new ‘Ask The Counselor’ Interactive! blog where I answer a reader’s question weekly, questions about life, relationships, online counseling services, treatment issues and much more, whatever is on your mind or weighing heavy on your heart.

To submit a question for review you may select the ‘About’ tab above or click on ‘post a comment’  here in this main post only and send your question to me (the comment feature is disabled for reader questions already answered and posted). You may remain anonymous if you prefer and patience is required for a response. If your question is chosen it will only be posted with my response here on the Interactive! page, no e-mail responses are sent out, and it may be appropriately edited to save space. All questions and answers will remain the property of Grace Tree Counseling. And, please keep in mind that as this is a public forum all questions are subject to screening and approval.

Additionally, this free service for Grace Tree’s visitors is not intended to replace traditional therapy which promotes a much deeper level of personal healing and growth through personalized counseling services. You can always order professional online counseling services at my website if you’d like further personal counsel and encouragement. I look forward to responding to your questions and be sure to check back in for regular updates!

Thanks for your interest!
Carole L. Miller, LCSW-C
Grace Tree Counseling Services


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