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Online Counseling Questions

Dear Readers,

I recently received a few questions about Grace Tree’s Counseling services:

Do you take any forms of insurance for your services?  -Heidi

Do you only do online and telephone counseling, or do you also do face-to-face counseling?  -Latrelle

Hello Heidi and Latrelle,

Thanks for writing in. I do not currently take any forms of insurance for my services. From what I know, setting up reimbursement through insurance boards is a very complex and rigorous task for traditional face-to-face counseling agencies. And, since online counseling is not widely accepted yet in the mainstream therapy field  I imagine it may be even more difficult setting up reimbursement for online services. While those of us who’ve been pioneers in the field for several years already certainly know the validity of it’s therapeutic benefit to a wide range of people, there exists still skepticism and a desire for empirical research. Perhaps someday the online therapy practice will become more of the norm along wit traditional therapies and insurance boards will cover it automatically then as a matter course just like other counseling therapies.

I also do not do any face-to-face traditional counseling at Grace Tree and the practice is limited to online modalities, much like someone might have another type of online business that they operate strictly over the Internet. The flexibility of the online counseling venues of e-mail, direct chat and telephone counseling are the most popular and offer the most choices for people with hectic lives who want something that fits in their schedule and  that they can engage in rather quickly. Online services also benefit clients in terms of lower service fees overall because of the reduced overhead costs for a practice that does not require office space, equipment and furniture, additional staff and so forth.

Glad to answer your questions ladies, and if I can be of any further help feel free to e-mail me!

Carole L. Miller, LCSW-C



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